How I Broke Into: Michael Prywes Interviews Artists and Entrepreneurs About Their Big Break

From writers, musicians, and actors, to tech magnates, to mom & pop businesses and food, beverage, or cosmetics entrepreneurs, New York-based startup attorney Michael Prywes (www.Proud.Lawyer) takes the audience on a deep dive into the world of creative business building. Every innovator has an important story to tell, and lessons to share. For more information, call 212.206.9104 or visit www.Proud.Lawyer
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How I Broke Into: Michael Prywes Interviews Artists and Entrepreneurs About Their Big Break



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Sep 1, 2016

Adam Moskowitz is the wunderkind President of Larkin Cold Storage and Columbia Cheese, and he founded the Cheesemonger Invitational, an in-demand twice-a-year event that is considered the Olympics of cheese skills, an celebrates what are to cheese what sommeliers are to wine. The profits from the CMI, which Adam hosts as his alter-ego, "Mr. Moo," go towards The Barnyard Collective, an organization devoted to food education. Adam was responsible for the introduction of Challerhocker cheese to the U.S., just as his father was responsible for the introduction of cave-aged Gruyere to the U.S. But Adam bought out his own father's business long after Adam had pursued other entrepreneurial and artistic endeavors, and, in a decade Adam has grown various multi-million dollar revenue streams by focusing on "small ponds," "big trees," and "not chasing butterflies." He has been featured in the cover story of Cheese Connoisseur Magazine and has appeared as a judge and expert on the Food Network.

Notes from the show:

"New York's Prince of Cheese" - Politico

His grandfather was one of the first importers of cheese in New York. His father started up Larkin Cold Storage. Adam took over 10 years ago.

Adam considers himself a cheerleader.

Adam has always been entrepreneurial; in college, he launched a valet company, and sold pot.

In his early 20s, Adam worked for Yahoo, and earned a lot of money.

Adam used his earnings from Yahoo to launch his rap career as The Beat Poet.

His father saw an entrepreneur, even more than an artist, when he saw Adam at CBGB.

Adam worked at Essex Food Market to develop skills.

"Cheese is the perfect food."

He loves connecting to the land, to the animals, to families.

"I made a conscious decision early on to make choices that would lead me not to have regret."

He has 5x earnings in 10 years.

He loves helping people: artisans, cheesemongers, connect supply chain, employees.

"All life experiences are cumulative."

"I'm not going to regret that decision. I am simply going to make another decision."

Still uses pen and paper for inventory.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

The conundrum of the perfectionist.

Adam fires toxic customers.

The Importance of Being Dirty: Lessons from Mike Rowe

The Complete Counselor webinar on work-life balance: uncrossable lines.

"Food is the great equalizer. Food has no social class. A great piece of meat tastes the same--amazing--whether you're rich or poor."

Life's Too Short for Miller Lite

"I'm a mission-driven entrepreneur."

Flavor: taste, aroma, trigeminal stimulation.

He owns Larkin Cold Storage, Columbia Cheese, and the Cheesemonger Invitational.

Becoming a father reset Adam's notions of success.

Kids don't follow the entrepreneur's playbook.

"The return is giving."

On the horizon: curriculum and lexicon, empowering people with words.

Adam is interested in content creation.

Latest favorite cheese: Wrangeback from Sweden.

Favorite bubbly: Cremant du Jura.

Beer: Fat Tire Amber Ale

Meats: Olympia Provisions, Herb Eckhouse Prosciutto, Smoking Goose

Olympia Provisions is an example of an excellent product being more important than its name.

"Let go of your food fear."

Michael Prywes is Managing Attorney of Prywes, PC. For more information, visit